The Pump is an exchange platform for an international community of artists, scientists, academics, arts workers and community leaders, who blend artistic and scientific practice to pump out projects that promote individual and collective agency in people’s relationships with water.

We acknowledge the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a useful framework for community, cultural, government and corporate action. In order to maintain the health of our planet, we recognise the urgent need for transformational change in the ways we think, work, act and play.

Our purpose: The Pump blends art’s ability to shift thinking through aesthetic, emotion and play, with the procedural rigour and propositions of scientific research to reach a wide spread of participants and audiences.

Our impact: The Pump will propel and create locally relevant live and digital projects. These projects will draw people into transformative relationships with water to affect transformative change on a global scale.

Our members: The Pump members are currently based in the Philippines, Malaysia, and throughout Australia.

Our Practice: our hybrid arts-science practice will interpret, express, contribute to, and supplement the explorations of Climate Science and Humanities research working groups. Our group brings expertise and practices that draw from those experiences of events, patterns, and cultural practices which inform peoples’ relationship to environments and water.

Our global networks include:

  • Future Earth: a major international research platform providing knowledge and support to accelerate transformations to a sustainable world.

  • IETM: A major international network for contemporary performing arts for members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide. 

  • Performance Studies international: a network promoting communication and exchange among artists, thinkers, activists, and academics working in performance and performance studies.