What is The Pump?

The Pump is a cluster of researchers, artists and organisations working together as component parts to boost transformation. We are passionate about pumping out integrated ideas for art works, connections, and opportunities which raise awareness on local to global water issues and systems, to shift our relationship with water.

Why “The Pump”?

We are rapidly exhausting the carrying capacities of our water systems. Because rapid climate change needs rapid action, we need to spring into action and pump out possibilities for shift which tap into local issues and communities and play out in global ways.

What The Pump does:

The Pump propels future scenarios, creative water works, networks and opportunities for people to draw from and in which they can invest. The Pump distributes without draining. It draws in information and opportunities for people to affect change through arts action, and pumps out this information through collaborative research, art making and on-line platforms. It is an active and poetic mechanism for generating transformative change in our global water future setting. It is also an integrated approach to climate action blending fields of enquiry and practice.

We are poets and pumpers. We see ourselves as pumpers of shift.

“And he reverts into a stupor leaving the world to the poet and the pump” - The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihanni, 1911