“Water Futures” conference
Arts House, Melbourne, Australia

Members of The Pump first met as delegates to this conference, and came together as a working group for three days, to create a proposal for action on Water Futures. Our proposal was entitled “Skinship”, and was to be an ongoing series of projects and encounters that would bring people into contact with bodies of water - both in the literal sense (rivers, creeks), and in the sense of human bodies, which are made up primarily of water.



Public Cooling House by Punctum Inc.
Various locations

“The Pump” members Jude Anderson and Morwenna Schenck open the Public Cooling House, a mobile installation based on the Skinship principles elaborated at the Water Futures conference.


Bundanon Trust Residency

The group gathered at Bundanon, on the banks of Bangalee (“Shoalhaven River”), to instigate new projects and strategies.